Calling without borders

Find the best rates for international calls:

Find the best rates

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5 cents per minute

International call rates

DESTINATION top-up minutes your rate
Nigeria $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Lagos $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Airtel $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Etisalat $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Globacom $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile MTN $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Multilinks $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Smile $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Multilinks $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Visafone $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Globacom $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile MTEL $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Mobile Starcomms $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
Nigeria Starcomms $20.00 400 min 0.05 $/min
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Where are you now?

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You have moved to another country

Smart Traveler
Smart traveler

Your life is on the road

Working trips
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Your activities abroad require you to make international business calls frequently

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Study abroad

Stay in touch with family and friends

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Key Benefits

There are 4 reasons why people choose us

Premium quality

make calls without an Internet connection

Local access number

with attractive transparent rates


Calling without borders

Just add your contacts to the address book. Each contact will be assigned a local number. Make calls all over the world

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Nigeria Calls
No credit card details
required during free trial
Easy start with
$1 sign-up bonus

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin.

What is the billing increment?

All calls are charged in one-minute billing increments.

Will I get a monthly statement?

Yes, you will receive a monthly statement in your email at the end of each month.

I forgot to enter referral code at the signup, can I get bonus credit?

Unfortunately, signup bonus credits are processed automatically by the system. We are not able to add signup bonus once account is created.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, please send payments to We will apply the payment to your account during the regular business hours.

How to dial last entered number (Redial)?

Dial 0# when asked to enter the phone number.

Can I hide the Caller ID of my PinLess phone number?

Yes, just press *67 in front of the number you want to call and your phone number will become unavailable to the person callingwhen you call (e.g., *67 1 201-555-1212) To make your phone number hidden to your caller every time you place a call, set the “Block Caller ID” function in your phone. “Block Caller ID” function will hide your phone number every time you make a call.

Can I place a call from a phone that is not registered on my PinLess account?

Yes, when you call from a phone that is not registered on your PinLess account, use a PIN that our system provided for you when your account was activated. You will find your PIN on the My Account Information page, below your Registered Numbers, on the bottom-right side. Simply dial the Local PinLess Number or Access Number, when the system asks you for a PIN, enter your 14-digit PIN.

I placed a call from my phone, but the system asks for my PIN.

First, check if the phone number you are calling from is registered with PinLess. If the number is registered, check that the Caller ID of this phone is not blocked. Go to My Account section, click on Registered Phones to view the list of your registered phone numbers.

Can I use "Local PinLess Number" if my caller ID is blocked?

Yes, you can. If you are saving a 'Local PinLess Number' number into your phone's memory you should save it with *82 in front of it (e.g., *82 201 xxx yyyy). Caller ID of your phone will still be blocked if you are placing any other calls.

How can I place an international call from my phone without using PinLess Local Number?

To place an international call without using the PinLess Local number, simply dial a local Access Number for the registered phone from which you are calling. Our system recognizes your registered phone and automatically provides you a dial tone. When the dial tone begins, dial 011 and the international number you wish to reach. Please DO NOT press the "SEND" key after dialing the international number because you are now connected through PinLess.

Is there a PIN that I need to dial when making a call through an Access Number from one of the registered on my account telephone numbers?

No. PinLess recognizes your account by your registered phone's caller ID when you call the PinLess Access Number.

What is PinLess Access Number?

Access Numbers are local numbers that you may call to reach your international destination.

Can I use PinLess to make calls from countries other than the United States and Canada?

Yes, you can use our service to make calls from many other countries around the world. PinLess has more than 2,000 Access Numbers in most parts of the world. A detailed list of PinLess international calling destinations is available on the Access Numbers page.

Can I use PinLess from any phone?

Yes, you may use PinLess PINless dialing from any phone, registered on your PinLess account.

What is the monthly and/or annual fee for PinLess?

PinLess does not charge any monthly or annual fees - you only pay for the number of minutes you actually talk, based on the low per minute rates.

Is there a connection fee for the calls I place?

PinLess does not charge any connection fees. You only pay for the minutes you use.

Does my cellular service provider charge me when I call from my mobile phone using PinLess?

Yes, your wireless service provider's applicable charges always apply whenever you make a call. You receive PinLess's low rates for the international calls you make.

Do your rates change depending on what time of the day I call?

No, as a PinLess customer you get the same low rates no matter what time of the day/week you call.

Why do some countries have higher rates on calls to mobile phones?

In certain countries, mobile users do not pay for incoming calls to their mobile phone. Therefore, wireless service providers charge more to the calling party to connect the call.

Is there a difference in rates if I call from home or cell phone?

No, there is no difference; you will get the same low rates calling from home, office, or cell phone.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register. You will get an email confirming that your service has been enabled and you can start making calls instantly. A working Email address is required to sign up (it will serve as your login name for PinLess Online Manager).

How soon can I start using the service after registration?


I have created an account but haven’t received a PIN?

The PIN is not available because you have not activated your account.

How can I cancel the service?

You can stop using PinLess service at any time. There are no contracts and cancellation penalties, so there is actually no procedure involved in terminating the service—or one could say no need to do so. If you still would like to completely close your account, please send us an email to and one of our representatives will close it for you.

What if I have questions that have not been answered here?

Please use our Contact Form or by email.

Where can I find Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view PinLess Terms and Conditions.

Can I have more than one account with PinLess?

Unfortunately, NO—PinLess allows only one account per person.

I do not have my own phone. Can I register my friend's phone number on my account instead?

Unfortunately, NO—PinLess only allows registration of only personal phone numbers that belong to the owner of the account. Registration of work / office / public or other kinds of phones that you have no control over is not allowed for the security reasons.

Do I get my PIN as soon as I create an account?

No, our system automatically generates your PIN for your account as soon as you activate your account by placing the first call that gets connected through one of our Access or Local PinLess Number numbers.

I created an account, but my PIN is not available.

The PIN is not available because you have not activated your account.

How do I activate my account?

To activate your account, create a PinLess local number and dial it from your registered phone or dial any access number from our list of Worldwide Access Numbers.

I activated my account. Where can I find my PIN?

You can find your PIN on the My Account Information page, in the bottom-right corner.